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Smile Makeovers

INSTANT Veneers and crowns with CEREC.

Beautifully crafted on site for you – no messy impressions, no waiting for weeks on end, no temporaries.

Delivering Smile Makeovers that look natural – BOOK NOW!

Get the smile you have always wanted with a Smile Makeover.

Dr Harris has attended many cosmetic dentistry courses all over the world and uses the latest technology and her artistic talent, to create a natural beautiful smile to replace worn, ageing, and broken down smiles.

Trial Smile.

Dr Harris provides a ‘Trial Smile’ service our clients love. You will have a new smile to try out and see if you like the shape, colour and appearance before we make the ‘real’ thing in permanent material.
If you love what you see and proceed with treatment we will credit the cost of this back to you. The temporary “mock up” will show you what’s possible and you can leave wearing it or with a photograph to show your friends and family.

Tailored to your needs.

There are a range of techniques and materials to suit any budget, and the key to a Smile Makeover is creating a beautiful but natural look that suits your individual face shape.

Dr Karen Harris can expertly advise you on all the options and give you back the feedom to smile and laugh.

Why patients are choosing City Dental Lounge

With our modern technology and personalised touches, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer satisfaction.

Dr Karen Harris is passionate about creating the best ‘new’ smile possible and with 30+ years delivering this sevice, she has the right know-how and creative ability to get it right.

Using digital CEREC technology we can deliver veneers and crowns in a single visit appointment saving you time, money and stress of wearing temporaries that may come off.

Your Treatment Plan

Building a better smile can give you more confidence in your personal life and at work. People simply smile more often when they have nice looking teeth. We first assess your smile. We look at tooth shape, colour and the position of the teeth. Then we’ll work with you to find the right set of cosmetic treatments to design your new smile. We will provide you with a written estimate of the work we propose based on our discussions and your individual wants and needs.

This may be a mix of modern orthodontic treatments and veneers, or simply building up composite filling material to create new shape and colour of your teeth. We have solutions for every budget and lifestyle.

Smile Enhancement & Facial Aesthetics

Dr Karen Harris is certified to deliver Botox to help with tired looking frown lines, crows feet, lined lips and gummy smiles. These fillers help to lift your face and smile and give a more youthful appearance. We also treat patients that suffer from heavy grinding by large masseter muscles with injections of BOTOX to relax the muscles.

Talk to us about Facial Aesthietics today and see how we can help you look and feel more youthful.

Special Offer!

Invisalign or Magic Braces consultations only $45 and refundable against any treatment. Call us on 09 366 1322.