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Why Choose City Dental Lounge

We know that choosing a new dentist is a big decision, and that you have a lot of great ones to pick from. We also know that a great relationship is based on trust.

Dr Harris bought a previous dental practice and transformed it into City Dental Lounge in 2014.

A Dental Lounge for your Comfort

At City Dental Lounge we have thought very carefully about all the reasons why people DON’T like coming to the dentist. We have designed our practice with little touches to make you feel like you have just walked into our lounge and you feel comfortable and at home. And we are continually updating our procedures based on our current patient feedback to make sure that we have things just right.

Our Approach to Dentistry

We practice HOLISTIC DENTISTRY, which means that we treat people, not just teeth, and we believe that this begins with a thorough and proper diagnosis. Working together, we can give you the best modern preventive dentistry has to offer. Our ultimate goal is to maintain your dental health for a lifetime. We shall achieve this by stopping the progress of disease, restoring damaged, missing and decayed teeth to function and most importantly, by showing you how to prevent the recurrence of diseases.

  • We offer a customised treatment plan designed to suit your needs and your budget – We offer solution dentistry based on only you!
  • We care about you as a whole, not only about your mouth. Some people call this a holistic approach to dentistry, we say it’s just in our nature.
  • We offer a fresh approach that is designed to make you feel comfortable at every stage of your visit.
  • We only offer great technology that gives you, our patient, the best experience and value for money.
  • We can provide advanced dentistry in just one appointment

Our top ten goals for your teeth and mouth

  1. They are healthy and disease free
  2. You keep all your teeth for life
  3. Your teeth function well
  4. You can bite and chew any foods with confidence
  5. They feel smooth and firm
  6. They are attractive looking
  7. Your breath is fresh and odourless
  8. You can speak and smile with confidence
  9. They are easy to clean
  10. Your teeth are low maintenance

Special Offer!

Invisalign or Magic Braces consultations only $45 and refundable against any treatment. Call us on 09 366 1322.