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Modern Orthodontics

When it comes to Ortho, you now have a choice between Smilefast Magic Braces (the modern alternative to braces) or Invisalign (the removable clear aligners).  The choice is yours. Talk to us about which option is best for you.

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What are Magic Braces?

Smilefast Magic Braces is a revolutionary new treatment using the latest technology to cosmetically align your teeth in around only six months.

Forget about wearing big metal braces and costly treatment that takes two or three years – Smilefast Magic Braces is designed to fit your lifestyle and give you a beautiful, confident and affordable smile – fast!

Magic Braces FAQ’S

How Do Magic Braces Work?

Magic Braces combine traditional techniques with the latest in orthodontic technology to allow us to cosmetically align your teeth rapidly, yet safely. With a focus on the cosmetic alignment and improvement of your smile, our exclusive and revolutionary Magic Braces technology has allowed us to achieve fantastic results in around only 6 months.

While 6 months is the average treatment time, some patients finish in 3-4 months while more complex cases can take up to 9 months.

Do I Have To Wear Big Metal Braces?

We understand that many patients are concerned with the appearance of metal braces – perceived to be big, chunky and highly visible. With Magic Braces you do not have to wear metal braces. We use very discrete clear braces on your teeth. Magic Braces are almost invisible as they blend seamlessly with your teeth so people won’t even know you’re wearing them!

Do Magic Braces Cost More Than Regular Braces?

Because Magic Braces treatment is completed far sooner than other orthodontic treatment, this means patients endure fewer visits and therefore is less expensive. Your Magic Braces provider understands that costs are often a barrier for some which is why many providers also offer flexible payment plans. These plans help ease the financial pressure and get you on your way to your new smile as soon as possible.

Magic Braces Vs. Clear Aligners – Which Is For Me?

Clear aligners are effective for some patients, however they often cannot treat more difficult cases. They can have a much longer treatment time and results are not as predictable as with fixed braces like Magic Braces.

Magic Braces are the ideal alternative and many patients agree. Why? The reasons are simple – with Magic Braces you get a better result in a much faster time and at a significant saving compared to many clear Aligner systems.

Are Magic Braces Ideal For Me?

Magic Braces are designed with adult needs in mind – to have a great smile in a short amount of time that also isn’t going to break the bank. Magic Braces can treat a wide range of concerns that clear aligners and many other orthodontic options cannot. Magic Braces are designed to address the following, leaving you with a great smile in months, not years. This includes, but is not limited to:

What about Magic Braces for Teens?

Magic Braces are primarily designed for adults to address appearance problems quickly and effectively, but may be suitable for some teens as an alternative to a course of full orthodontic treatment on a case by case basis.

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