Everyone can have whiter teeth for free, and if you want them even whiter, there are many additional options. You can decide which is the best value.

Stains and discolouration can occur over time due to Red wine, Tea and Coffee, coloured foods and not brushing. So the first way to get whiter teeth is to Brush & Floss twice a day using a Fluoride toothpaste, And using the Floss between your teeth.

For difficult stains, the next step to whiten your teeth is a cleaning with a Hygienist. They have more robust equipment to get those stubborn stains off the surface of your teeth.

If you require the power of a whitening system for that extra boost, we have multiple

In-Lounge options for you to choose based on time & desired whitening result.

  1. One Session whitening in 30 or 60 minutes .These use a strong concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide. This is applied by an Oral Health Professional to ensure correct application.
    If you’re busy, this gives the fastest and best whitening result.
  1. Take Home Whitening Results in 7-14 days
    1. Pens with Hydrogen peroxide and an LED light
    2. Strips applied to the teeth with a tray applicator
    3. Custom trays with Gel syringe refills

City Dental Lounge is able to provide the full range of concentrations to suit your smile.

How do you decide:

If you’re in a hurry…

One Session Whitening systems will give the quickest and most significant results.

If you want the maximum effect, for a brighter white we recommend a 60 minutes session using 35% Peroxide. We use the premium Smart Bleach 3LT system based on an unique and advanced scientific approach. Highly specialized green light is used to activate a red gel, inducing photo-dynamics and photo-oxidation (two quantum mechanical reactions) and enables the formation of powerful bleaching agents out of water and oxygen.

A complimentary pre-treatment consultation is essential to discuss the process and give you advice.

If you have sensitive teeth…

Take Home whitening systems maybe better

We recommend using a lower concentration of Peroxide starting at 6% with a pen system & LED light such as Alba Wireless Teeth Whitening Kit manufactured for our sister company Alba Smile Lounge located in the new Commercial Bay

Or use a pre-filled tray system like Opalescent Go. You can apply the gel/strip for 10 .

All the take-home kits give you control to apply daily as you choose for a maximum of 14 days.

Another solution for sensitive teeth are Take home Custom Trays using Carbamide Peroxide. This uses a slightly different whitening gel to Hydrogen peroxide. It is gentler on sensitive teeth and good for overnight tray wear if you want to whiten while you sleep.

Information on the Use of Whitening Gels

One session whitening varies in success depending on the knowledge of the operator, the type of gel & light used and the amount of Hydrogen Peroxide in the Whitening Gel.

In NZ, Dentists can use up to 40%. If it’s not a Dentist, (e.g. Non-Dentist whitening clinics) then no higher than 12% is permitted. Untrained operators are allowed to use 6% .

This is because strong hydrogen peroxide needs to be used with care by a Dentist or Dental Hygienist .

Regulations about teeth whitening vary around the world. In the UK and Europe only dentists are legally able to do any teeth whitening, and the strongest whitening gel can only 6% peroxide. Anything sold over the counter or online must be .1% or less peroxide. This is a very weak solution and may only work to remove surface stains (that a hygienist could polish off) but not actually lighten the teeth. This has led to other non-peroxide products claiming to whiten teeth.

Internet and Over the Counter products

Many Over the counter whitening products can be harmful.

It’s possible to order quite strong peroxide products that will burn your gums and damage the teeth.

e.g. Hi Smile contains an acid (PAP) which is a type of bleaching agent, and sodium chlorite. These products can in fact be harmful to your teeth enamel and only have a mild whitening effect. So be careful ordering these products over the internet.

Below is image of Alba Wireless Led whitening system